Guest Testimonials

“Loved it here!”

It’s been nine months since our wedding at Navy Beach, and people are still telling us that it was the best wedding they’ve been to – and that’s all thanks to the wonderful folks at Navy Beach and the amazing party they put together for us. The setting alone made the day, but it was the friendly, warm staff and the smooth way they transitioned from arrival to ceremony to cocktail hour to dinner to dancing that people keep commenting on. Everybody felt like they were really well taken care of, which is what we most hoped for when we began planning our wedding. We couldn’t have worked with better people or picked a better spot than Navy Beach.
Major highlights:
Working with Franklin from beginning to end. He was always available to us – even in the off-season – and went out of his way to make sure all our questions were answered and that everything was exactly the way we wanted it. He had great ideas for food, layout, and schedule for the day, especially when we were stumped. We can’t say enough about how easy and great it was to work with him.
The food! This goes without saying, but if you haven’t been to Navy Beach before, the food is insanely good. Folks are STILL talking about what they ate and how it was all leaps and bounds above what you typically get at a wedding. And Franklin worked with us to put together a great menu – including things that are no longer available in the regular restaurant.
Overall, we never worried about a thing the whole afternoon. Everything went so smoothly, and nobody peppered us with a ton of questions – everything just flowed along. Guests were commenting that we were natural event planners, but it was all Navy Beach.
There was this moment right after our ceremony when we hadn’t planned on taking a breath, but Franklin followed us out the door and had a bottle of champagne and poured us two glasses while making sure no one else followed us out. We had these two minutes together to just let it all sink in and it was so special. Neither of us had thought to plan for that, but it illustrates the way you feel taken care of at Navy Beach. It was a great moment that we’ll always have to remember, along with the whole day.
We could go on and on, but hopefully you get the picture. There is no better place to have your wedding. We couldn’t recommend it more!!
Mark and Caroline,
posted 3/23/2014

“Great sunset! An excellent overall experience – hence the 5 rating.”

A great place to enjoy the sunset and to experience an excellent outdoor setting area – there are small and large picnic tables, as well as tables that have bean bag chairs to use as seats; also, they have lounge beds for seating and eating, too. It is kind of like – Montauk meets the Hamptons, but still very much has the Montauk feel, which we feel is very important, as Montauk is a very different vibe from the Hamptons, and we hope it stays that way.
This was our first time here and won’t be the last. I do recommend making reservations, which we did not. Fortunately, we were sat near the door and window that got us as close to outside as you can without being outside. There is a deck next to us on the other side of the door that we would go out onto to take pictures and take it all in better. Later on the moved us to a couple of seats on the other side of the window outside on the deck for dessert, which was nice.
The staff was attentive, nice and gregarious. Emily was our server and she did an excellent job. Lauren, a manager, was also very nice and filled us in on more things to know about the restaurant, as both were fun to talk to (as was Brittney). We really enjoyed our interaction with the staff. The food was very good. We look forward to going again.
From TripAdvisor
reviewed August 17, 2013

“Navy Beach is an amazing, accommodating venue”

We have been going to Navy Beach for a few seasons now for meals each summer and knew it would be a perfect venue for our reception. It’s both cozy and chic and the private beach on the Bay is sublime. We were married in Montauk in September of 2012 and had our reception in the restaurant and on the beach. Our friends and family are still talking about what a great time they had, what a fantastic venue it was and how relaxed they were at NB!
The menu is incredibly fresh and tasty, a great balance of comfort food and innovative twists on local fish and classic American food. This is the beauty of having your reception at a restaurant where they have already perfected the food and dining experience. No caterer would come close to the delicious, fresh and beautiful food we had. We chose to do family style dining and Navy Beach made it so easy and fun to pass plates around and get more if we needed to.
Our guests couldn’t believe how good everything was – the best wedding food they’ve had, they all said!
We even requested something from the previous year’s menu and they were able to work with us to re-create it. Franklin and Leyla, the couple running Navy Beach Restaurant, are an incredibly helpful, organized and down-to-earth couple who made our wedding easy to pull together without a problem. They communicated clearly and efficiently throughout the whole planning process, so nothing was a surprise and all costs were outlined and accurate. Working with them was the easiest part of the whole planning process. The staff was so friendly, sweet and helpful and made sure we had everything we needed throughout the night. I never once had to be concerned about the setup, food, bar or anything our guests needed. Franklin was on hand the whole night to oversee that things ran smoothly and they did, flawlessly in fact. I can’t recommend them enough, whether for a wedding, reception or rehearsal dinner.
posted 10/8/2012
If you like sunsets, this is the place to go. If you like good food, you are in for a great combination. Eating on the beach is fantastic! We will be back!
From TripAdvisor
reviewed June 24, 2012