Jet Set Report: Beach Bar Navy Beach in Montauk

At the very tip of Long Island, Montauk’s Navy Beach is located on a 200-ft. strip of white sand beach offering a renovated restaurant and beach bar in time for the summer 2010 season. The restaurant is next to two Naval piers formerly occupied by the US military and now open for moorings ala150-ft. Azimuts by NYC oligarchs. Inside, Gilligan’s Island meets Ralph Lauren in a chichi nautical dining room with navy blue lacquered tabletops and white paneled walls under a rustic beam ceiling with vintage wooden windows overlooking the tumbling waves. Walls are strewn with the melancholy remnants of 50s beach culture with Ester Williams snapshots, swim goggles and Naval artwork.


A summertime lunch, dinner and weekend brunch serves-up green olive ceviche, buttermilk fired chicken and classic Navy Burger with onion-bacon marmalade. The adjoining beach bar offers a summer music series at sunset with musicians mixing sultry beach grooves. There’s also a drop and dine program that ditches the little one for fun lunches while they make crafts and mommy enjoys here Chardonnay and crab cakes.


Waterfront Montauk eatery with beach club-style atmosphere with sandy beach and imaginative seafood menu and cocktail offerings.